The Housebuilder's Bible 14: 14th Edition

The Housebuilder's Bible 14: 14th Edition

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The go-to title for the UK’s army of self builders and renovators, the Housebuilder’s Bible has been garnering fans for over twenty-five years.

Mark Brinkley’s handbook combines trade prices, planning guidelines and building regulations with deep insights into how and why we chose to build the way we do and how we might do it better.

Brinkley puts forty years of experience to work to unlock the secrets of good design and construction in a highly readable format. Key areas are highlighted with photos, graphics and tables. This edition digs deep into the radical changes our home building and heating are about to undergo to prepare us for our zero-carbon future.

The Housebuilder’s Bible has sold over 200,000 copies, making it by far and away the best-selling guidebook in its field. It is read by self builders and home improvers, architects and contractors, surveyors and estate agents. Many now use it as their principal point of reference for their upcoming building jobs.

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