How to Prune an Apple Tree

How to Prune an Apple Tree

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Chloe Ward (Author)

The subject of fruit pruning can cause much confusion, and the technical terminology and perfect looking trees in the pruning manuals can sometimes be demoralising. This guide avoids jargon, but explains pruning by illustrating how an apple tree grows and how it responds to being pruned.

It covers all aspects of apple tree pruning, from forming the shape of a newly planted tree, to restoring an old tree, the reasons for winter and summer pruning, and what tools to use.

About the book

  • The author's experience with fruit growing is in the UK, but the principles should apply to apple (and pear) trees growing in anywhere in a temperate climate.
  • Please note that this edition (with the colour cover) is the latest one, and was updated in January 2016. 

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