The Damp House

The Damp House

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Jonathan Hetreed (Author)

Dampness can become an enemy when it invades our interior space, when it persists, when it spreads and damages our domestic fittings, finishes and furnishings, when it encourages the growth of moulds that threaten our health, and when it stimulates the spread of fungus and decay in the structure of our houses.

This book provides clear information to general readers and presents them with an overview of the types and causes of dampness, as well as a range of treatments and remedies.

Aimed at all householders who have damp problem, it will be of interest to most homeowners, landlords, DIY enthusiasts, surveyors, architects and builders.

Superbly illustrated with approx 60 colour photographs and 90 line drawings.

About the Author

Jonathan Hetreed is an Architect specialising in sustainable architecture.

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