multi-purpose appliance descaler

multi-purpose appliance descaler

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ecozones multi-purpose appliance descaler is a great overall, fast-acting product to rid limescale from a number of appliances, across the home. its non-toxic formula is designed to work with all machine brands and types and can be used for kettles, coffee machines, food steamers, fabric steamers etc. the solution helps maintain your appliances and helps to keep them performing at their best.

according to the appliance simply check the bottle for the correct dosage or our how to use information below for further details to begin descaling. always check with manufacturer/manual before descaling an appliance. never soak electrical items.

  • sanitises & breaks down build-up that’s accumulated over time
  • fast acting formula that descales in minutes
  • prolongs appliance performance & lifetime

ingredientscitric acid, malic acid, amine oxide and water
contents: 500ml
product code:  zonemultidescale

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