The Use-It-All Cookbook

The Use-It-All Cookbook

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There was a time when food was rarely thrown away and cooking with leftovers came naturally. However, to a large degree those resourceful skills have been lost. In the UK we throw away a third of the food we buy – 6.7 million tonnes every year. Of this, 4.1 million tonnes is unopened and untouched and 340,000 tonnes of that is still ‘in date’. Rotting food buried in landfill sites generates methane – a major contributor to climate change. Reducing food waste is a practical way in which we can slow down climate change and if it reduces our shopping bills and produces tasty results, then it’s all good. Every page of this book will be invaluable to you as you turn over that new leaf. With sections on planning your shopping, storing leftovers, reheating food, use-by dates and composting, it gives you the tools to start.

The ‘A-Z list of leftover ingredients’ deals with common, often single item leftovers and offers quick and easy recipes and tips. The recipe sections offer a wealth of appealing ideas to turn most conceivable leftovers into many more meals. It really is a great book and one which every kitchen and cook should have at the ready – it makes you realise that most things, from the last dollop of yoghurt to flat beer can be used to make your next meal an even better and far cheaper one.

Bish Muir (Author)

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