Green Oil EcoSpray Lube

Green Oil EcoSpray Lube

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Water displacer, lubricator and rust preventer in one can! Say good bye to PTFE sickness.

- Lubricates
- Protects
- Prevents rust

Great for bike workshops, large and small.
PTFE accumulates in the enviornment, and people's body tissue.
Mechanics get the stuff on their hands. We've had bicycle mechanics call us who got sick from using lubricants from our toxic competitors. 
Things on your skin, expecially oily based products seep in and can cause harm.

To help save people from cancer, dermatitis, and to protect the environment from the PTFE sprayed every day in bike workshops, we created the Green Oil EcoSpray Lube.

What's it for?

Light lubrication, getting rid of water after cleaning your bike.
Suspension forks - if they're old and worn out, and you can't be bothered to get them properly serviced, get some more life from them with EcoSpray Lube.
Hard to reach bits - brake leavers, moving parts on deraileurs, and more!

Ideal if you want to stop a squeaky chain super fast in a rush

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