Edible Garden: Kitchen Gardens for Any Space

Edible Garden: Kitchen Gardens for Any Space

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The experts at Living the Country Life magazine show you how to grow fresh vegetables, delicious fruits, and essential herbs in a garden of any size and in any space. Bring organic produce to your table and create delicious hand-crafted gifts with the bounty from your back yard or windowsill. Edible Garden is the complete guide to growing a bountiful, edible home garden.

Includes detailed step-by-step instructions for creating the garden of your dreams. Covers all the basics, as well as unusual crops, edible flowers, bonsai berry bushes, and a piquant pepper garden. Organic, chemical-free solutions for fertiliser, pest control, and more. Simple recipes show how to use your bounty – and what to do when your garden produces more than you ever expected!

Planning, seed-saving, rooftop and container gardening, raised beds and even food preservation and recipes. This is a great little book to help you create the garden of your dreams.

Living the Country Life (Author)

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