Laundry sensitive Ecoballs refills 1000 washes.

Laundry sensitive Ecoballs refills 1000 washes.

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Alongside our beloved ecoball, ecozone offers a pack of ecoball refill pellets that are also worth 1000 washes. all you need to do is fill up your ecoball when needed.

the pellets are an innovative alternative to your usual laundry detergents, be that liquids or tablets. how do they work? the formula is made from minerals and other natural plant-based cleaning agents. the pellets get to work, lifting dirt from the material and working to keep the water soft to ensure an effective clean. the pellets are un-fragranced, allergy uk approved, hypoallergenic and residue free so they are kind to your skin too.

to further add to their eco credentials, they effectively clean on cool temperatures and can be used without a rinse cycle which will cut down on water and wash time. 

Refill pellets are universal with all ecoballs that ecozone has created over 20 years.

  • hypoallergenic & suitable for sensitive skin
  • gentle on fabrics – suitable for whites & colours
  • effective eco-friendly laundry detergent alternative

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