Native Wildflower Seeds for Bumblebees

Native Wildflower Seeds for Bumblebees

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Guaranteed to bring all the bees to your yard, this attractor pack combines a specially selected range of native wildflower seeds to attract bumblebees.
The starting point of any wildlife garden is the selection of appropriate native plants that can attract pollinating insects and this easy to grow mix of native wildflowers does just that. The pack provides an abundance of glorious wild flowers to enhance your garden and also attract bumblebees and other beneficial insects. Included in the pack is an informative bumblebee guide so you can learn more about your favourite wildflower visitor.

Bumblebees are generally non-aggressive and essential pollinators of fruit, vegetable and other plants in the garden.

Box contains: 1 x Bumble Bee Guide & Life Cycle Guide; 1 pack of wildflower seeds.

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