From the Wood-Fired Oven

From the Wood-Fired Oven

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A handy book that helps you get the most out of your wood-oven fire.

In the past 20 years, interest in wood-fired ovens has increased dramatically, but most books focus on how to bake bread or pizza in an oven. From the Wood-Fired Oven offers many more techniques for home and artisan bakers, from baking bread and making pizza to recipes on how to get as much use as possible out of a single oven firing, from the first live-fire roasting to drying wood for the next fire.

Offering a new take on traditional techniques for professional bakers, From the Wood-Fired Oven is simple enough to inspire any baking enthusiast.

In addition to an extensive section of delicious formulas for many types of bread, readers will find chapters on:
• Making pizza and other live-fire flatbreads;
• Roasting fish and meats;
• Grilling, steaming, braising, and frying;
• Baking pastry and other recipes beyond breads;
• Food dehydration and infusing oils;
• And many other ways to use the oven's residual heat.

Richard Miscovich (Author)

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