How to Permaculture your Life

How to Permaculture Your Life

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Caught between climate change and a fossil fuel-driven economy that demands ever more growth, the world faces a great transition – by design or disaster – away from fossil fuels to a less energy intensive future. But what proven tools are available to aid in making a successful, deliberate transition to a resilient, sustainable future?

How to Permaculture Your Life is a great resource book for everyone interested in transition, permaculture and more self-reliant and satisfying lifestyles. It is packed with information on permaculture design principles, soil building, and nutrient-dense food growing, including top plant and tree selections for all climatic zones.

Coverage extends to rainwater harvesting and irrigation, human waste management, and strategies for rural properties, plus a unique focus on applying permaculture to small urban spaces for de-cluttering and efficient food growing. Also covered are hand tools, food preservation, energy production, low-carbon housing, and a plethora of nearly forgotten skills such as soap making, basket weaving, seed saving, and rope and candle making.

Ross Mars (Author),‎ Simone Willis (Illustrator).


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