Wooden Kit - Sky Surfer

Wooden Kit - Sky Surfer

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The ultimate paper (and more!) airplane model kit! Launch out of this world with the Sky Surfer!

The first elastic-powered airplane launcher kit allows kids of all ages to design, make and scientifically test their designs. Explore the ways that material, wing design, launch angle, and force, affect the flight of planes!

  • Launches planes in a repeatable and consistent way
  • Easy to make in about 30 minutes – but not too easy, life needs challenges!
  • Adjustable thruster will launch planes from 10 to over 50 feet – or more!
  • Comprehensive 20 page booklet with plane designs, ideas, paper and card stock
  • Perfect for budding engineers (and real ones!) who love to fly airplanes!

Suitable for children 14+

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