The Climate Change Garden Book

The Climate Change Garden Book

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By Sally Morgan and Kim Stoddart.

Learn how to become a climate change savvy gardener of the future.

There’s no getting away from it; our climate and weather patterns are changing and fast. Our gardening practices need to catch up.

Learning how to protect our gardens against the extremes of torrential rain, storms, heatwaves and drought and the goodness knows what else will be key. We need to learn which plants will be better suited to deal with such extremities in the first place and which techniques, practices and equipment can be put to use in our gardens, or future designs, to help provide a greater robustness over all.

Sally Morgan and Kim Stoddart’s new book is a gardener’s guide to climate change. It’s a practical gardening book that shows you how to adapt and cope with the volatile weather extremes that lie ahead – storms, torrential rain, flooding and drought for example. There’s an in-depth look at how to adapt in the vegetable garden, what types of fruit to grow, how trees and wildlife can help in the battle against climate change and what changes may be necessary in the flower garden.

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