Everything Now: Communication, Persuasion and Control:

Everything Now: Communication, Persuasion and Control:

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We know the world does not revolve around us, but for consumers in the instant society of the 21st Century, it very much looks like it does. Throughout the course of a normal day, we are bombarded with around 3,000 messages. Each one is an attempt to make an emotional connection in order to sell something a product, service, policy or even an idea.

Steve McKevitt is an expert in communication. He has spent over 20 years working for some of the world's biggest brands: from Nike to Coca-Cola. He reveals the techniques that are employed to mould public opinion, shape how we behave and control what we think. We learn what is really going on when we chose between a Pepsi or a Coke; how even the most boring product can become the most exciting brand; and ultimately discover why it is that, in a world of allegedly endless choice, most of us are living out virtually identical lives.

At times hilarious and shocking, Everything Now reveals how the constant drive to provide us with products we don't actually need demands that we are kept in a permanent state of dissatisfaction and is preventing us from addressing the biggest issues of our time.

by Steve McKevitt

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