Energy Revolution: Your Guide to Repowering the Energy System

Energy Revolution: Your Guide to Repowering the Energy System

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"Reimagining our energy system offers the potential of a win-win-win future: low carbon energy, more resilient communities, vibrant local economies. What's more, it's possible and it's already happening.

In these pages, Howard Johns paints a spellbinding picture of the revolution happening around us, and the part you could play in it." Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement. Telling stories of the change that's already happening from around the world and drawing on two decades of his own unique experience, Howard Johns demonstrates how we can develop our own renewable energy projects to provide local energy and create a new fleet of businesses. He shows us how communities can build local energy solutions (renewable power stations that will be a new form of building society) where we come together to develop, finance and construct the infrastructure that we and future generations so desperately need.

He explains how to design, set up and fund community energy systems, citing examples from countries that have already cut the amount of energy they use and supplied their needs from renewable energy. These new systems will create new jobs and businesses, reduce energy imports and create new local investment models. This handbook contains the map we need to change the system from the bottom up and make the next great leap forward to achieving clean, affordable energy. Covering everything needed to structure your community power company, the technology, site assessment, legal and business planning, fundraising and financial modeling, putting people at the heart of your strategy. It's time to take control, relocalise, reduce costs and carbon emissions, and join the energy revolution.

Author: Howard Johns

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