Simple Shelters: Tents, Tipis, Yurts, and Dome

Simple Shelters: Tents, Tipis, Yurts, and Dome

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Simple Shelters: Tents, Tipis, Yurts and Domes is a beautiful little book with a lot of integrity. Printed on recycled paper and written in accessible language, it gives a brief but interesting tour of simple shelters from around the world. The drawings are intricate and simple to understand, and probably detailed enough for your to have a go at building one of the shelters yourself! The narrative is chatty and informative, and it feels like you're flicking through an enthusiast's sketchbook.
This would be a lovely pocket-sized gift or source of inspiration for anyone with an interest in sustainability, construction, architecture, design or simple living... or for the person who dreams of building a garden hideaway.

Author: Jonathan Horning

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