Environmental Science in Building

Environmental Science in Building

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This popular textbook, Environmental Science in Building covers how the built environment and the management of energy relate to the quality of human living-conditions and the environmental performance of buildings. It is the key introductory text for understanding the principles and theories of the environmental science behind construction. It’s the only text on the market to provide the basic scientific principles of such a broad range of topics. The text covers a range of areas in the field, including climate change, energy management, and sustainability in construction, with an important focus on contemporary environmental topics such as carbon, lifetime performance and rating schemes.

The author is known for his extremely clear, finely crafted text, and the book offers a wealth of excellent worked examples. This text is designed to be useful, at all levels, to students and practitioners of architecture, construction studies, building services, surveying, and environmental science.

Covers the science, technology and services that relate to the comfort of humans together with the environmental performance of buildings. The core material needed at a variety of levels by students of architecture, building, engineering, environmental science and surveying is covered, including: energy supplies and conservation, heating, ventilation, water treatment, sick buildings, green buildings etc. A very accessible textbook used at CAT on our very popular MSc Architecture Course. 399 pages.

Author: Randall McMullan 

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