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1 Explorer Folding Ebike
1 Onya Weigh (Red Chilli)
100% Organic Cotton Buds
100% Organic Cotton Pleats
100% Recycled Aluminium Foil
100% Unbleached Paper Sandwich Bags
100% Unbleached Parchment Paper
15% OFF - Bike wheel clock with bike chain numbers
2 in 1 Sensor Nightlight
20% OFF - Dalit 6 Spice Gift Set Boxed
25% OFF - Bike Chain Photo Frame
3 Shelf Salad Sprouter
5.00 off - Booja Booja Hazelnut Truffles
50 great ideas for sustainable living
50% OFF - Calendar - Bike Art 2018
50% OFF - Calendar - Environmental Art 2018
50% OFF - Calendar - Tiny Houses
60 Quick Knits in Cascade 220
65% OFF - The Shed: The Cookbook. Original, seasonal recipes for
75% OFF - 1, 2, 3 Quilt: Shape Up Your Skills with 24 Stylish Pr
85% OFF - Curious Incidents at Night
90% OFF - Babs2Brisbane
A Blueprint for a Safer Planet:
A Handbook of Small-scale Energy Technologies: Practical Answers
A Hedgerow Cookbook
A Natural History of the Hedgerow
Adaptation to Climate Change: From Resilience to Transformation
Adobe Homes for All Climates
Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
Air Pressure Powered Toy Car Kit
All Purpose Cleaner 300g
Allotment Gardening
Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes
Animal Friends Memory Game
Applied Photovoltaics
Architecture in a Climate of Change 2nd Ed
Articulated Mermaids
Atlas of Climate Change
Backyard Composting (New)
Backyard Poultry Keeping
Badger Muscle Rub Organic Certified Organic Cayenne & Ginger Soo
Badger Organic Sleep Balm 21g
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Checkered Spots - INDIGO
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Checkered Spots - PEWTER
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Checkered Spots - RASPBERRY
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Checkered Spots - SAGE
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Floral - GREY
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Floral - INDIGO
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Floral - PEWTER
Bamboo - Ladies Socks - Floral - RASPBERRY
Bamboo - Ladies Tights - Grey
Bamboo - Mens Grey Pattered Bamboo Socks
Bamboo - Mens Navy Patterned Bamboo Socks 8-11
Bamboo Socks Size 4-7 One Pair Black
Bamboo Socks Size 8-11 One Pair Black
Baracuda Dynamo / Solar led Torch
Basics of Permaculture Design
Bat - Headlight and bicycle light
Battery Holder
Battle of the Bikes: A Trump Card Game
Bee Quest
Before the Wells Run Dry
Berry Picker - Large
Bicycle - Insulated Lunch Bag
Bicycle horn
Bicycle multi tool,14 tools in one.
Bicycle repair Kit in a tin
Biobulb 25W Bayonet (100W equivalent)
Biobulb 25W Screw (100W equivalent)
Biochar for Environmental Management Science and Technology
Bioregional Solutions
Blackbird Dynamo Torch
Bridge; Lift, Educational Wooden Kit
Bridge; Strauss Bascule, Educational Wooden Kit
Bridge; Swing, Educational Wooden kit
Bug Bingo
Build it Yourself: Weekend Projects for the Garden
Build Your Own Earth Oven
Build Your Own Pinhole Cameras
Building a Wood-Fired Oven
Building Sheds
Building with Awareness
Building with Bamboo
Building with Cob
Building with Lime (New)
Building with Reclaimed Components and Materials
Building with Stone
Building with Straw Bales: A Practical Manual for Self-Builders
Building Your own Sustainable and Energy Efficient House
Bulbs and Holders
Business Guide to Sustainability
Buzzer (3V-6V)
Cabin Porn: Hardback, Inspiration for Your Quiet Place
Cabin Porn: Paperack, Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere
Camel - Portable Solar 2x USB Charger 5V 2W Output 3W Solar Cell
Captive State P/B
Car Sick
CAT Click Tip Pen, with 2 recycled pencils
CAT Cotton Shopping Bag.
CAT Megan the Mole Fridge Magnet
CAT Megan the Mole Key Ring
CAT organic T-Shirt
CAT Pencil
CAT Recycled PET Felt Phone Pouch with Velcro tab
CAT Rubber
CAT Solar Boat Kit
CAT Solar Kit 1
CAT Solar Kit 2
CAT Wind Kit
Cheetah - dynamo and solar AM/FM radio
Chinese Biogas Manual
Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment
Choosing Ecological Water Treatment and Supply
Cities, People and Planet
Climate Change Denial, Heads in the Sand
Cloud Selector
Cob Builders
Cob Buildings
Cobra Multifunctional Solar Charger/Powerbank
Compost Caddy - Filters
Compost Toilets: A Practical DIY Guide
Composting for All
Cook Wild: Year-round Cooking on an Open Fire
Coppicing and Coppice Crafts – A Comprehensive Guide
Cordwood Building
Country & Wisdom Folklore Diary 2018
Creating a Forest Garden
Creating Sustainable Cities
Crocheted Sea Creatures: A Collection of Marine Mates to Make
Crocodile Leads - each
Crocodile Leads - pack of 10
Da Vinci Helicopter Wood Kit
Da Vinci Ornithopter Wooden Kit
Da Vinci Trebuchet
Da Vinci Wooden Model Catapult
Dalit 12 Spice Gift Set Boxed with recipe book.
Design of Straw Bale Buildings
Diary of An Eco-Builder
Dig a Stegosaurus Skeleton
Dishwasher Tablets - 25
Do we need pandas?
Dowsing: A Journey Beyond Our Five Senses
Drain Clean
Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi
Earth user's guide to Permaculture
Eat More Raw
Eco Stain Remover (135ml)
Ecoball™ Refills (270g)
Ecoballs 1000 Laundry Kit
Ecohouse (4th edn)
Ecology of Building Materials
Ecology of Health
Ecology of Money
Edible Garden: Kitchen Gardens for Any Space
Einstein & The Art of Mindful Cycling: Achieving Balance in the
Electric Vehicles
Elvis The Elephant Stacking Sticks Game
Encyclopedia of Green Woodworking - New Edition
Energy and Environment in Architecture
Energy Efficiency in Old Houses
Energy Efficient Home - Complete Guide
Energy Options
Energy Revolution
Energy Systems and Sustainability
Energy, Society & Environment (New)
Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation
Environmental Science in Building
Everything Now: Communication, Persuasion and Control:
Fair Trade for All
Fairness in Adaptation to Climate Change
Faith Soap Gift Bag - Floral
Faith Soap Gift bag - Map
Firedragon Cooker, Fuel Blooks & Flint Set
Food Smoking - A Practical Guide
Free to Be Human
Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy and Delicious Vegetarian
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank
From the Wood-Fired Oven
FSC Washing-up Gloves (Medium)
Fueling Our Future: An Introduction to Sustainable Energy,
Garden Scoop
Gasification: succeeding with small-scale systems. (Lowimpact bo
Getting Started in Your Own Wood
Gift Membership
Gift Membership (Joint)
Gift Membership Family
Glogg Wide-Neck 1100ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Carabiner
Glogg Wide-Neck 600ml Coloured Water Bottle - Carabiner Top
Go Wild! 101 Things To Do Outdoors Before You Grow Up
Graphic Guide to Frame Construction P/B
Green Building Bible Vol 2
Green Oak in Construction
Green Roofs - A Guide To Their Design and Installation
Green Roofs: Ecological Design & Construction
Greenwood Crafts – A comprehensive Guide
Grid-connected Solar Electric Systems
H2O Energised Can Clock BLUE
H2O Weather Station Clock
Hand Dug Wells
Hand Sculpted House
Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems
Handy Household Collection - Lemons
Handy Household Collection - Rice and Noodles
Hasslacher's Hot Chocolate Tubes
Healthful Foods
Heart-Felt Holidays
Heat Paperback
Heat Pumps for the Home
Heating with wood (Lowimpact book
Hemp lime construction: A guide to building with hemp lime compo
Herbal Healers
Herbal Remedies: How to make, use & grow them (ed. 2)
High Noon for Natural Gas
Home Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables
Home Sewn Home
Home Work
Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy
Homes for a Changing Climate: Adapting our homes and communities
Horizon Stove - BAG
Horizon Stove : multi-fuel ROCKET stove
Horizon Stove; multi-fuel ROCKET stove With Bag
How Bad Are Bananas? The carbon footprint of everything
How Did We Get Into This Mess?: Politics, Equality, Nature
How to Build a Windpump
How to Draw Dinosaurs and Other Cool Stuff
How to Get Planning Permission
How to Grow Food in Your Polytunnel
How to Grow More Vegetables
How to Grow Winter Vegetables
How to Make a Forest Garden
How to Make a Pipe Bending Machine
How to Make a Rolling Machine for Sheet Metal Work
How to Make and Use Compost, the ultimate guide
How to Make Biodiesel
How to Permaculture Your Life
How to Prune an Apple Tree: A guide for real people with imperfe
How to Spin (just about anything)
How to Store your Garden Produce - The Key to Self-Sufficiency
Humane Mousetrap
Humanure Handbook - New
Hydraulic Gearbots Wooden Kit
Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Hydraulic Ram Pumps: a Guide
Hydraulic Robotic Arm Working Wood Model Kit
Hydrogen Energy Transition
Iggy Peck's Big Project Book for Amazing Architects
Inflatable Globe
Instant Weather Forecasting 4th Edition
Junior Adventurer’s Binoculars
Junior Camping Lantern
Junior Magnifying Glass
Junior Pocket Metal Compass
Kettle and Iron Descaler
Knit 1 Bike 1: a knitting and cycling tour of Scotland (Lowimpac
Knitted Wild Animals
Large Elephant - Earl Grey
Large Elephant - Mindfululness
Large Solar Motor
Lavender Wheatbags OWL - Linen
Lavender Wheatbags Funky SHEEP
Lean Logic
Letting in the Wild Edges
Light My Fire; Salt N Pepper Holder
Lime in Building - a Practical Guide
Lion 3W LED Rechargeable Searchlight
Liquid Gold
Living Willow Sculpture
Local Money - How to make it happen in your community
Local Sustainable Homes
Luxury Three Drawer Gift Set - Weleda
Make it Wild! 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors
Make your own Essential Oils
Make Your Own Flying Dragon Wooden Automata Kit Read more at htt
Make your own Natural Soaps
Making the Most of the Water We Have
Manual On the Hydraulic Ram
Match a Pair of Birds: A Memory Game
Match A Track; Game
Materials and the Environment: Eco-informed Material Choice
Meaning of the 21st Century
Medieval Siege Tower with Catapult .
Mend & Make Fabulous
Micro Hydro Design Manual
Mini Construction kit; BOAT
Mini Construction kit; HELICOPTER
Mini Construction kit; PLANE
Mini Construction Kit; TRAIN
Mini Odour Free Compost Caddy
Mooncup - Size A
Mooncup - Size B
Motor Mount
Motors As Generators for Microhydro Power
Mud, Sweat and Gears: Cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats (
Native Wildflower Seeds For Bumble Bees
Natural Building - Creating Communities through Cooperation
Natural Building - Materials and Techniques
Natural Capitalism
Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart
Natural Cleaning Solutions Wall Chart
Natural First Aid Remedies Wall Chart
Natural Home Heating
New Autonomous House P/B
Norwegian Wood
Nutritional Wall Chart
Oak-Framed Buildings
Odour Free Compost Caddy
Old House Eco Handbook: A Practical Guide to Retrofitting for En
One Magic Square
One-Plank Woodworking Projects
Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook
Organic Poultry
Organic Vegetable Production
Original Logmaker
Over and Under the Snow.
Panda Eco Stapler
Paper Potter
Parrot Indoor/Outdoor Solar LCD Thermometer
Passive Solar House
Pick Up Sticks Game
Pitrok Crystal Push-up Deodorant
Poppin Storm Kettle Kit
Pot Tamper
PowerBuzz Magnets;
Powerplus Viper Tourch
Practical Photovoltaics
Pumps As Turbines
Quick and Delicious Vegetarian Meals: Easy, healthy and super-fa
Quicker Picker
Rabbit Solar Powered Robot Set
Rain Gauge
Rainwater Harvesting
Re-Use Envelope Labels (200)
Rebuilding Community in Kosovo
Recycled Pegs (24)
Renewable Electricity and the Grid: The Challenge of Variability
Renewable Energy - 3rd Edn
Renewable Energy Made Easy: Free Energy from Solar, Wind, Hydrop
Renewable Energy Resources
Rosie Revere's Big Project Book for Bold Engineers
Roundwood Timber Framing: Building Naturally Using Local Resourc
Running a Biogas Program: a Handbook
Salad Leaves for all Seasons
Salamander Solar - USB FLASHLIGHT - POWERBANK Waterproof 3W L
Scout FireSteel
Seahorse LED Flashlight
Secrets of the Apple Tree
Septic Tank Options and Alternatives
Septic Tanks: An Overview
Septitank - 1Kilo
Sharing Nature's Interest
Shark Attack Game
Short History of the Future
Silent Spring
Silent Spring Revisited
Simple Shelters: Tents, Tipis, Yurts, Domes and Other Ancient Ho
Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet
Slate Roof Bible New Edn
Slide Whistle
Small is Beautiful in the 21st Century
Small Motor (1.5-6.0V)
Small Wind Systems for Rural Energy Services
Smallholder's Manual
Snowball Earth
Soil Soul Society: A New Trinity for Our Time
Solar Architecture in Cool Climates
Solar Car
Solar Cell - 0.45V 1000mA
Solar Domestic Water Heating
Solar Energy Pocket Reference
Solar Hot Water: Choosing, fitting & using a system
Solar Installations
Solar Manifesto
Solar Mate Secure
Solar Photovoltaic Basics: A Study Guide for the NABCEP Entry Le
Solar powered recycler toy set
Solar Powered Watermill
Solar Powered Windmill
Solar Technology: The Earthscan Expert Guide to Using Solar Ener
Solar Water Heating a DIY Guide
Spirit and Place
Spork - Navy Blue
Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems
Stay Cool
Steam Engine Principles
Stoneview: How to Build an Eco-Friendly Little Guesthouse
STORK portable solar & USB powered DAB+/FM radio
Storm Kettle (Original)
Storm Kettle Cook Set
Storm Kettle Jute Bag
Surviving and Thriving on the Land: How to use your time and ene
Surviving the Future
Sustainable by Design
Sustainable Energy - without the hot air
Swallow Dynamo bicycle (flash)light/charger
Sweet Baby Blankets: 9 Cuddly & Colorful Blankets!
Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book,
The Artist Blacksmith
The Backpackers Natural Beauty Book
The Bee-Kind Garden, Apian wisdom for your garden
The BIG Book of BEASTS
The BIG Book of BUGS
The Bike Owner’s Handbook
The Biochar Debate
The Burning Question:
The Complete Guide to Alternative Home Building Materials & Meth
The Eco-house Manual
The Environmental Toothbrush - Adult Soft
The Environmental Toothbrush - Child Soft
The Environmental Toothbrush - Medium
The Gardeners' Book: Age-old advice and tips for the garden (Age
The Green Self-Build Book,
The Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime (Susta
The Hidden Life of Trees:
The Inner Life of Animals:
The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money. Save Time. Sa
The Little Book of Garden Heroes
The Little Book of Garden Villains
The Log Book: Getting the best from your wood-burning stove
The loveliest Loo
The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees
The Moneyless Manifesto: Live Well. Live Rich. Live Free
The Moon Gardener's Almanac 2018
The Passive Solar Primer: Sustainable Architecture
The Passivhaus Handbook
The Permaculture Way
The Polytunnel Handbook
The Skeptical Environmentalist � measuring the real state of t
The Thrifty Gardener
The Transition Timeline - for a local, resilient future
The Use-It-All Cookbook
The Whole Building Handbook
The Woodfire Handbook
The Woodland Year
The Zero Carbon House
Three Recycled Plant Halos with Organic Tomatoe Seeds
Thunderbird Fuel Cell Kit
Timber for Building (Lowimpact book)
Timber Frame Construction
Timeless Beauty in the Arts and everyday life.
Timeless Simplicity
Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels and Water
Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter
Title: Wind & Solar Electricity: a practical DIY guide (3rd, rev
Toilets that make Compost
Toothpaste - Childrens Organic Mandarin 50ml
Toothpaste - Organic Fennel and Propolis 50ml
Toothpaste - Peppermint 50ml
Transforming Economic Life
Trug Planter - Large
Trug Planter - Small
Turned Out Nice Again
Twist and Lock Blocks
Ultimate Dot to Dot Animals: Extreme Puzzle Challenges to Comple
Understanding Renewable Energy Systems
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
Veg / Salad Bag
Village Carpenter
Voices From a Disused Quarry
Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner and Freshener
Water and Wind Power
Water Lifting Devices
Water Pumping Devices
Water Treatment and Sanitation
Welcoming Kitchen
Wheres the Impact? - The footprint card activity
Whoopee Cushion
Wild Law
Wildlife: A Map Colouring Book
Wildwood - A Journey through Trees
Wind Energy - The Facts, European Wind Energy Association
Wind Energy Basics
Wind Energy Explained
Wind Energy Pocket Reference
Wind Power
Wind Power Workshop - Building Your Own Wind Turbine
Windmills and Wind Motors
Windpumps - a Guide for Development Workers
Wolf,Dynamo - USB powered LED Flashlight - FM Scan Radio
Women's Healing Herbs Chart
Wood Pallet Projects
Wood Pellet Heating Systems
Wooden Compost Bin
Wooden Harmonica
Wooden Jointed Worm
Wooden Modular Compost Bin - Extra Module For *
Wooden Robot Flexi Toy
Wooden Windmill Kit
Woodland House
Woodland Management - a Practical Guide
Woodland Way
Woodworking from Offcuts: 20 Projects to Create from the Scrap P
Worms & Wormeries
Yellow House Eco-Renovation CD-Rom
Yoga Practice Chart
Your Organic Allotment
Zen Colouring: Flowers
Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future
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